Saturday, July 25, 2009

One month...and then one year

One month...
I leave for Paris in one month. My summer has flown by without a single blog post (I am a blogging failure). I am sure that I had a lot to write about, but apparently not the time or interest. I have been traveling a lot, which has really helped time fly. New York City was AMAZING, FABULOUS, etc.; Portland was beautiful and so fun (I got to see my French boys, Chamonix girls, the Brodz, and even made new friends). Finally, I am nearing the end of my countdown.  I can hardly contain myself. I still have so much to do before I depart for the city of lights and love. This includes packing. How does one pack everything needed for a year in Paris? I have no idea, but this daunting task will be conquered soon. I have a mental picture of myself packing in my room for days on end while episodes of "Sex and the City" play in the background. 

One Year...
One year in Paris. This is my dream-come-true, my fairy-tale, my obsession this past year (actually past 8 years). Everyone that hears about my year abroad wants to know details, so here they are. 
  • I will be an au pair (sorta like a nanny) for a French family in Paris
  • The children are ages 3, 4, and 6 (youngest is a boy and others are girls)
  • I will wake them up, get them ready for school/daycare, and drop them off.
  • Pick up around the apartment
  • Pick kids up around 4:30
  • Take them to the park, play, feed them, bathe them, put them to bed, done around 8 pm
  • I have them all day on Wednesdays...this includes me driving them to swimming lessons (yup, I'll be driving in Paris! Yikes!)
  • My weekends are free
  • I live with the family
  • I will take a french class 
  • I will explore the streets of Paris for hours.
  • And then enjoy the Latin Quarter at night :)
  • I will eat wonderful food, drink delicious wine, and stroll through historic streets...and take care of the kids, bien sur!
  • Any questions?
In a month, once I am in Paris, this blog will become filled with life in Paris: the beauty, my job, my struggles, the food, the wine, the fun, and perhaps even romance (can anyone picture me with a gorgeous Frenchman? I'm keeping my fingers crossed). Until then, I will be very busy getting everything ready for a year away. I'm sure August 20th will be here before I know it and I will be on my way to this great adventure. 

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