Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Magnificent Sunset

In life, when you have a chance to sit down and smell the roses, breathe deeply. Normally my life goes by so fast that I forget to sit back and basque in the magnificence of this world. Every now and then, when the stars seem to dance on a crisp winter night, or when the water is even bluer than you imagined it could possibly be, I stop and try to appreciate the beauty which surrounds me. Today, I spent my evening on the terrace of the foyer. This has become a little habit of mine. Who wouldn't make a habit out of watching the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower? It is nights like tonight that I am certain life does not just happen by chance. This beauty is so perfect that I know there must be a reason for it. From the perfection in each flower to the infinite colors held in the sky while watching the sun fall below the horizon, I see something greater than just us at work. 
The sunset tonight was one I hope I can always remember because it could not have been more perfect. I got to the terrace around 8:15 while the sun was still shining over the Western skyline of Paris. Within a matter of minutes, it made it's way to the point of the highest hill and disappeared, leaving a hot red and sizzling pink where it had just been. Then coming out from these middle colors flowed oranges, yellows, hints of green, sky blue, and then just over my head it eased into a deep, royal purple. There were only wisps of clouds that hung low in the sky far away, and the slight breeze and temperature deemed only a light sweater necessary for comfort. The sun eventually set around 8:40, and then with the sky ablaze in color, the Eiffel Tower sparkled twenty minutes later. It was truly breathtaking. As time passed, the sky filled with darkness and I could see the Big Dipper dimly lit in the sky. 
The almost-half moon hung low to my left. The moon always reminds me that my grandmother is watching over me. I looked down at my ring and smiled. It was the ring of my grandmother's mother, and it makes me think of my mother and grandmother, some of my most treasured people. I tried and tried to catch the sunset in a picture, but my camera was unable to capture what my eyes saw.