Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Top 10

"What is Betsy talking about?" you might be asking yourself..."top ten what? Did I miss something?" In fact, you have reason to be wondering what's up with this "top ten" business. And no, this is in no reference whatsoever to Davis Letterman and his hilarious top ten lists that always make me laugh. I am talking about my top ten things that I love and do not have easy-access to over here in the beloved land of the French. Sometimes the mixing pot of America and its delicious, as well as unhealthy, food gives France a run for its money when it comes to me and my cravings. 

I obviously have nothing exciting to write about, so why not write about what's on my mind...FOOD. What else? By the way, I've had enough of chocolate. I'm over it, unless it is a complement to something else, like peanut butter or ice cream....oh peanut butter... This brings me to the list.

The following is a list of foods that I happen to love and rarely or never eat in Paris:

1. Mexican food. I miss my chicken fajitas and spicy queso from Herraduras. 

2. Peanut butter...need I say more? By the way, you can occasionally find peanut butter in the exotic food section in France. LOL. 

3. Ice cream. Yes, I know ice cream is abundant here. However, other than my McDo cones in October, I have had no ice cream since I was in the states in August. Mint Chocolate Chip has been on my mind lately. I do not buy it for several reasons, including that it is expensive as a single serving and I am cheap, there's no room in my freezer, and the family never buys it.

4.  Chewy Granola Bars: Peanut Butter 25% less sugar variety :) Basically, I just really like them. 

5. Popcorn. I am not talking about microwave popcorn. I don't even like that stuff, unless it is Kettle Corn. I am talking about the do-it-yourself on the stove, add your own butter delicious goodness. I attribute my excellent popcorn-making skills to both Karen and Lauren Lempe, and my father for always insisting that I make it better than him so I better make him some. 

6. Peanut Butter M&M's. I consider these tiny miracle-in-your-mouth candies to be heaven sent. They are just so good. Thanks mom for sending me some already. However, don't do it too often because they disappear way too quickly. I can't stay away. 

7. Meijer. The convenience of everything in one store. Never thought I'd miss it. Don't get me wrong. I love the charm of a shop for everything: cheese, wine, bread, fruits, meat, toiletries, etc., but sometimes I  just want to go to Meijer, get what I need, and get out, at any hour of the night, any day of the week. I just realized I'm writing a Top Ten List about food and that Meijer is, in fact, a store and not a food item. I will rationalize it. Meijer sells even has its own brand. It does not get deleted from the list.
Alert: This list has officially changed from being solely about foods to things in general that I miss, simply because I cannot think of enough food to list. 

8. Singing in my car. I do not sing well...not horribly, but definitely not well. However, I love to sing in my car. Who doesn't? When I'm all alone in my car I love to blast the music and sing as loud as I can, sometimes holding a pen or cellphone as if it were my microphone. Watch out American Idol... I'm pretty sure that I would be regarded as one of the crazy homeless people of Paris if I started singing on the metro.

9. Mother language. I LOVE FRENCH. Obviously. I love learning it, I love hearing it, I love speaking it... But, it really does become tiring sometimes. If I am not consciously trying to understand what another person is saying, it becomes like static to me. It is not background noise like a television that I can half listen to. I have to focus on listening. If someone says something to me and catches me off guard, I can never immediately respond because I have to think about it first, thus pointing out that I am, in fact, an English speaker. To watch a movie or the television is becoming easier, but I definitely have to focus, and if there is other noise, well, my focus is lost and it's all over. 

10. Family and friends. This includes my dogs. I miss you all. Really. It is not easy being so far away. Thank goodness I have so many people that I am close to over here. Also, Skype is the best for communicating. It does not seem like I am more than an ocean away. There are so many mornings when I take my coffee that I wish I could be sipping it and talking with my mom.

And there it is. My Top Ten Foods I Miss/ Things I Miss in General.  Sorry it changed mid-list. The truth is that I love it over here and could definitely survive. But every once in awhile a girl just wants to belt out a song in her own car or eat some spicy Mexican food. 

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