Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Life Gives You Oranges...

I just wanted to mention my Uncle Bob. He died this week after a battle with cancer. He was definitely a great guy and a joy to be around, always making everyone around him laugh. I loved tubing down the river with him and the rest of the Brugger family. He will be missed, but is a great example of someone who made the best out of everything. I guess you could say he made lemonade when life gave him lemons, or orange juice when he was handed a basket of oranges. We'll miss you, Uncle Bob.


We just happen to have a lot of citrus fruits in the apartment, especially oranges. This is all in great thanks to Olivier's parents and all of their wonderful citrus trees. Without all of the preservatives, etc. contained in the oranges from the store, these oranges become bad quickly. So, what better way to use 'em up than to make a lot of orange juice. Hence, I have been getting my fair share of completely natural, hand-squeezed, full of Vitamin-C, delicious orange juice. Here is this morning's squeeze (The plastic table cover just happens to fit today's theme).

So here I am in Nice, still jobless, making orange juice. But hey, at least I have plenty of oranges. I've been small-job-hunting online, looking for any random job around here...babysitting being probably my best bet. It seems there are a lot of babysitters and tutors out there, so I just have to be patient and keep up the search. It will be much easier once I actually have the right to have a real job over here, like teaching. Until then, babysitting must suffice. If I have to be jobless, I guess it is a good time. I am getting lots of paperwork together for our civil union (I have an appointment tomorrow with someone at a US consulate office), I am sleeping in, talking over coffee with my mom via skype, discovering the neighborhood, like where to buy the best baguette, and enjoying the sun.

Nice is setting up for Carnaval, which is like France's Mardi Gras celebration. I guess it is pretty nuts, but I will definitely have to check it out at least once. I guess there are lots of families, kids all dressed up, and I'll fill you in on the rest once I know. It doesn't start for a few weeks, but it is so close to where we live, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of photo opportunities.

On a completely different note, I have been remembering my dreams a lot. Usually, I just sleep so hard and can't remember a thing. Lately, I seem to be remembering a lot of them, mostly bizarre, as dreams tend to be. I wonder what that's about. Perhaps it's a sign that our bed is hard and short and we need a new one. I think that's Thursday's task since Olivier doesn't have to work (Monaco has a holiday I guess). Anyway, that is about all that is new here. Just job-hunting, paperwork, and making orange juice.

I'll leave you with a few pictures. The first is the only one of us I've taken since being back...unfortunately, Olivier thought it would be funny to stick his tongue out, so here ya go...
The other is of the Russian church just up the road from us. One of theses days we'll check out the inside.

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une autre mère said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle. He sounds like a great guy. If he was anything like your dad, then I know he was.

So you shouldn't be coming down with a cold for a while, eh? :)

Love that picture of you and Olivier! You guys are just too cute!