Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Job for February

For the month of February, I actually have something to do other than sleep in, wander, and sit at my computer. Thank goodness. It can be nice sometimes, but I need to have things to do, places to at least feel like I did something with my day. As I've said before, part of my "job" before was to find some sort of small job in order to make a little money and have something to do. I was searching without much success every day, and finally, last Friday, I ran across a posting for a childcare job for February. It was 39.5 hours a week during regular working hours, but it was in Beausoleil, France, so not within walking distance. However, there is a train and I was not in the position to be picky. So I replied with all of my information, contacts and resume, with hopes that I might get a reply.

Luckily, the mother called me that night and wanted to know all about me and wondered if I could meet the family the next day. So on Saturday, I made my way to Monaco by train and walked to their home in Beausoleil (just a 25 minute walk from the train station). I talked with the parents and met the baby girl, discussed the job, and left hoping for the best (they were meeting someone else after me). I was called back that night and asked if I could start Monday.

So here I am, sitting in a living room in Beausoleil with a view of the Mediterranean. I can even see Italy in the distance. Every morning, Olivier and I take the same train to Monaco, and then we head our separate ways after a short walk together. The train is about 25 minutes along, and it runs along the water, making for a beautiful start to the day. I spend my day with the sweetest baby girl. Her name is Charlotte, she is 3.5 months old, and she is so calm and happy. She doesn't even cry when I put her down for a nap or when she wakes up. She just rests in her crib happily. She takes two naps while I am here, so I have a lot of quiet time. She's actually sleeping right now. The parents are both wonderful, kind people. This couldn't be a better arrangement. It is only for February because their nanny is having an operation, but that works for me since I am leaving for 1.5 months in April anyway. So for now, that is my life during the week. Olivier and I both work all day and then spend our evenings together. I am looking forward to another weekend together. We don't have any plans, but it's just nice to have down time together.

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une autre mère said...

Yay for a job with a sweet baby! So happy for you that she doesn't cry! Also loving that you get to take a beautiful train ride every day. Just a little jealous here... ;)