Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy Work

It's Thursday and I have tomorrow and the weekend before I really get into this new teaching assistantship adventure. However, I guess I sort of already started it all this least the paperwork/running-around-getting-paperwork-done part of it. 

On Monday of this week, I took the train to Cannes (which reminds me...I need to buy a month pass tomorrow so I'm not stuck doing it last minute in a busy train station while running late next week) to meet my coordinating teacher and see the school for the first time. Normally this is reserved for next Tuesday, but the teacher does not work that day, so I went in a week early, hoping to be able to hand all of my paperwork in on that day. Nothing is ever that easy, especially in France (I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but the French seem to love paperwork). While waiting to meet the teacher in the staff lounge, I met several other teachers, a few of which are English teachers at the school. They were all very nice and accommodating, which was reassuring. Since the teacher I was supposed to meet with was late because of a meeting or something, another teacher showed me to the secretary's office to deal with all of my paperwork. Of course, there were additional forms that needed to be filled out, etc, which is why I've been shopping for a doctor for the past two days (that's a different story). Once that was all over, I met with the coordinating teacher and we attempted to go over the types of things I will be doing with my classes this year, like different cultural subjects and ways of teaching. I left feeling a little more comfortable with everything. 

The only thing that I found a bit odd was that the teacher wanted me to set up my own observation schedule for next week by contacting the other English teachers. I would much prefer and I feel it would be more beneficial if I observe the classes I will be teaching to get a better idea of their specific levels and to get to know those teachers and students. They are the teachers/students I will be working with after all. In my opinion there is no schedule for me yet, which is why I am supposed to be "setting up my own observations" for next week. I am supposed to start teaching, or at least assisting, on October 10th, and I don't think it's a great idea to show up in a classroom never having seen the students or the teacher. Anyway, that's my only stressor at the moment. I wrote to my coordinating teacher and expressed that I felt it beneficial to observe the classes in which I will be placed, so hopefully this will be straightened out soon. 

The only real paperwork issue I had left to do (I think) was to find a doctor for the next year. I need this form filled out by one specific doctor so I don't go to five different doctors throughout the course of the next several months and confuse the system. I can always do paperwork to get a different general doctor if there are any issues with this doctor. This paperwork is for my healthcare, which I am very excited to have soon. I found several doctors near where I live and even a few on my street (so convenient). One thing that is not lacking in Nice is doctors. They're everywhere. So I got into the doctor's office on my street and have a signed form. I'm good to go. I was expecting it to cost me the normal price of a visit, 23 euro, but luckily, they didn't charge me anything. Sweet! Now I think I'm good to go. 

Other than that, I feel like I have been writing stuff in French non-stop...e-mails, ads for babysitting/tutoring, etc. Luckily I have had several parents interested in my tutoring/babysitting services. I just received a call from a lady on my street that wants me to help her son with English. She asked about doing a group session with a few of his friends. I really don't know what to charge. I think 20 euro an hour is about right for a private session around here (it's the going rate and people definitely pay it), but with the group session, I said maybe 25 euro??? I really have no idea. I guess I'll have to see how it goes. I told her I would meet her next week and we can see talk more about it then. 

That's about it right now...I'm just busy doing busy work. I'm looking forward to a calm weekend with Olivier. Then I have a week full of meetings, observations, and no Olivier (he'll be in the North of France all week for a work thing...bummer). Well, I hope you are all doing well. It's been beautiful here. Much love! xo

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