Monday, September 15, 2008

First Blog Ever

To be honest, I've never written a blog before! I know, I'm a little behind the times, but I guess I just never took the time to do it. However, with the inspiration of my wonderful friends, Heidi and Greta, I decided to sign up. Only now am I actually writing. I have nothing and everything to write about. For now, I will only start to say that I have actually started my blog. I decided that a blog was a good way to document my life for not only my friends who might want to hear about it, but for myself as well. Many years from now, it might be fun reading about who I was at 24. I coulda, woulda, shoulda started while living in Paris, but oh well...I can't go back now...but I really wish I could! Just to walk down a cobblestone street with the aroma of freshly baked baguettes and a view of the Seine would be worth the plane ticket alone. For now I'll finish up my degree and figure out how I will ever make it back there...not as a tourist, but to really live there again. I really need to get to bed since I have to be up in 6.5 hours to learn how to be a fabulous teacher. I promise to write more next time. What I do not promise is to make the quality and entertainment of this blog even close to that of Greta's...she's just amazing at this! Anyway, bonne nuit, mes amis! Je t'aime!

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