Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My sixth sense

I think I have a sixth sense when it comes to my friends and their relationships. This is not true for most of my friends, but I have been right about a few of them. The other day I was talking with one of my very best friends about her relationship with her boyfriend. When she first started dating him over a year ago, I told her that I thought he was the one, even though I had never met him. During our recent phone call, I told her that I thought he would propose soon. Random. Sure enough, two days later, he did it...he popped the big question and she called me 30 minutes later. She did not even have to say what actually happened...I could tell it in her tone and hidden excitement. I am so excited. They are one couple that I can really see being together forever. Congratulations, Dave and Julie!

...unfortunately, this sense does not apply to my own relationships. Oh well, what is life without a little unexpected excitement?

 I have been miserably sick all weekend. It started Saturday morning, the day of my ex's wedding. Connection? No, just a coincidence. I dodged a bullet there.

That's it for tonight. These meds are making my face tingle. Bonne soiree!

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