Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank GOD for Fridays

It is Thursday night and I am so exhausted. I have no motivation and I have a stack of quizzes to grade, a lesson plan to write, and a week's worth of homework to organize for a student going on vacation. Ugh. I love teaching, but I honestly cannot wait until student teaching is over. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. A night with nothing that I have to do but sleep is in store for me tomorrow night!

Fridays are the best at school. There is just this feeling in the air that makes me happy. I get to wear jeans, eat popcorn, and look forward to a few days off. I guess the good thing about being constantly busy and exhausted is that it makes the time fly by. I am over halfway through this and it has flown by. Plus, spring break is in two weeks! Even though I have no plans, I am looking forward to sitting around for a week with no alarm clocks. 

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Greta said...

Amen to it all!!!