Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. I have never been one to care that much about the day to be honest, but I definitely enjoyed it this year (it helps having someone to share it with). I guess I had more of a Valentine's week-end than just a "day," since like usual, I got to share the whole week-end with my valentine. I went to Crystal's place on Friday to make cookies. She has a new special someone in her life too, and when I told her I was going to make cookies, she wanted in on the deal. We attempted and succeeded in our cookie-making. This is no big feat under normal circumstances, but when one has to use different ingredients, cut their own chocolate pieces, and use a professional French oven, things can get exciting. With the first taste of the delicious dough, I knew they were not a complete failure. There's something so delicious about an oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie. I boxed them all up and took them to Olivier Friday night, thus commencing a great week-end. 

We spent Friday night and Saturday night with the usual band of his friends (which have now become my friends too), eating in restaurants and having drinks at the familiar, cozy bar near his place. His friends are very sweet and funny. Then Sunday rolled around. I really did not expect anything, but he surprised me, like a perfect gentleman. Under the casual cover of "going to get some bread," he returned with the bread, a small chocolate, heart-shaped cake, and a bouquet of peach-colored roses (noting that red roses were so cliche..haha). 

Since it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we decided to go for a walk to soak up the sun. Sacre Coeur, a beautiful basilica and one of my favorite Parisian tourist attractions, is not far from his place, so we met up with some friends to walk there, snacking on Nutella crepes on the way. 

The day ended comfortably, perfectly actually. We watched a French movie, and for the first time, I really understood just about everything. I broke a little language barrier I think! It was hilarious in a 1980s Breakfast Club kind-of way. It was called "Les Sous Doues Passent le Bac," or something along the lines of "The Under Achievers Attempt to take the Bac" (Bac: the test at the end of high school). Then we watched a little Olympic action, with France and the US in a head-to-head cross-country ski race. To my dismay, after plenty of trash talk coming from me, France happened to win. It was pretty funny. It was a perfect end to a very nice day. 

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