Monday, September 14, 2009

Crystal's Rescue

Crystal, my Parisian nomad partner, decided to switch au pair families.  Her family was not nice to her at all and they lived pretty far outside of Paris.  The father of the family told her there was "no solution" to her troubles of not being able to stay in Paris past 7 pm, which was greatly affecting her social life, and that she should try to find another family.  She did, and when she told him, he was pretty mad.  On Sunday morning he confronted her and told her what a horrible person she was and that she better be out of the house by noon. This happened around 9 am.  Well, she did get out before noon, luckily having packed her stuff in advance and prepared Jacques with an SOS taxi text the night before.  We spent all day Sunday with Jacques celebrating her new freedom...and homelessness, or in French, SDF (Sans domicile fixe).  Jacques bought us a nice lunch at a cafe, which did help us feel better about our situation. Here's us with Jacques and our much-needed coffee.

After Jacques had had enough of us for the day, we just kept wandering and found some Subway to eat on our next monument.  We both agreed that eating Subway in Paris was pathetic.  Here we are in the land of amazing bread and sandwiches, and we chose good old Subway. Pathetic. But it definitely made us laugh. 

Crystal said, "I bet nobody has ever done Paris quite like us, Betsy. We're two wandering souls who eat on monuments. At least we have each other." We laugh at ourselves all the time and constantly tell each other that we don't know what we'd do without the other. 

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une autre mère said...

Poor Crystal! Send her my sympathy. :) I hope she's not SDF for long!

I'm glad you have a good family to nanny for and a friend like Crystal there with you. I can't imagine living in Paris without a good American friend.

And I totally understand the Subway in Paris thing. When I was there, even with all the amazing food all around, there was just something that drew me to to the awful American fast food joints. I think they made me think of home.