Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pure Class...

Crystal and I are taking Paris to a whole new level. Yup. Last night, before meeting up with newly-made friends, Crystal and I decided to hang out at our favorite little wine bar, Chez George. However, before we went there, we stopped at a Monoprix to get some food. This is how we do it cheap in Paris... we go to a grocery store, buy a small pack of sandwich meat, a baguette, some cokes, and whatever else we want, which was gummy candy last night. We were going to sit in a park to eat, but it was closed, so we found some steps that worked perfectly. These steps are no ordinary steps. They are the steps of one of the oldest churches in Paris, the steps to Saint-Germain-des-Pres. 

We probably looked like homeless people with our trash scattered around our feet. We found it very amusing and decided that a picture of the situation was necessary, so...

After our little dinner, we made our way to Chez George. We love this place. We always go downstairs to hang out. It is like a cave that is centuries old with dim lighting, classic French tunes, and bottles of wine. I wish I had a recent picture to better describe this place. 

Crystal and I finished our wine and left to meet up with some of her new friends. They were very nice. We went to a bar and attended a little birthday celebration where we indulged in delicious chocolate birthday cake (haha... "Let them eat cake." Anyone know what I'm talking about?). Oh, by the way, a strange old man winked at Crystal on the Metro, so to amuse him, she made kissing gestures back as we were leaving. I wish I would have looked to see his facial expression. I'm sure it was priceless. I love how we find ways to amuse ourselves.

We had a wonderful night. We decided that we are a perfect pair for our little adventures, even though we may lack class here and there. Oh well, it makes it even more fun when we can laugh at ourselves. 

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