Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just a Little Lonely...

I'm sitting in my room right now really wishing Crystal were here. Actually I wish I were home sitting on the front porch drinking coffee with my mom, but at least I would have my lovely friend Crystal to talk to about anything and everything. Sure, there have been times since I've been here that I missed the people back home, but this morning is a little tough for me. 

Last night when I was online before going to bed my brother called me via skype and I got to talk to my brother, parents, aunt and uncle, and even got to see my sweet dog. It really made me long to be with them and just be completely comfortable being myself. I like the family here a lot and I am pretty comfortable around them, but I'm still a guest in their house. I like to have quiet alone time and snack sometimes in my room at night, but I learned I'm not supposed to eat in my room. It's not a big deal, but it just made me want to be in my own room at home where I can do whatever I want when I want. It's one of my days off and I'm sitting in my room skyping, typing, and looking up airfare. I think if I can afford it, I might come home for a few weeks over Christmas. I was not planning on coming home at all, but with about a year left here and already wanting be around those I love, it's becoming more important to me. I don't want to leave early or anything, I just want to know that I'll see my family in a few months rather than in a year. 

Well, I better get out of here. I think a nice walk in Paris will cheer me up. I get to be with Crystal later today, which will really help.

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