Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Nice Little Boat Ride

The day started out very well. After all, it's my last day having the kids all day long since school starts tomorrow (except every Wednesday, since they don't go to school on Wednesdays...I don't know why, that's just how they do it over here). Anyway, we were having fun this morning... only the normal amount of fighting, yelling, and complaining. But in general, they were getting along pretty well together. Then I received an e-mail from their mother asking if I wanted to meet up with some of her friends and their kids and go for a boat ride on the Seine. Well, bien sur (of course)! It sounded like a fun little outing and the kids were very excited.

Then it started. First, Hannah (the oldest child) jumped off of a stool in the kitchen and hurt her leg, which was very dramatic (big bruises to come soon), and then Salome (the middle child), somehow fell off of her chair, so she was crying too, but I think hers was more for attention since Hannah was getting attention for her injury. Then, of course, Nathan (the youngest) joined in for no reason at all. Ahh! Whatever, after ten minutes of sobbing, etc. lunch was ready and everyone was happy again. After all, we had a boat ride coming up! The kids got all ready for the boat ride, we met up with the friends, and then walked to the river. Things were going great. We got on a boat right by the Eiffel Tower, took our seats, and took off. They were so excited. After awhile they, of course, became restless. We weren't even turned around yet to come back and they were already telling me that they were hungry and wanted to be done. They lasted pretty well.

Once we got off the boat, the main troubles started. I'm sure it won't sound bad for anybody else, but I was just frustrated. We found a spot and I got out the three bananas I brought along for a snack. The girls both grabbed them and opened them before I could even help them and the bananas fell on the ground. Crying. There was a little food stand right there, so one of the parents went there and we decided to get ice cream. However, Hannah gets sick when she has dairy, and trust me, this would not be good without a bathroom nearby (France, and I think a lot of Europe, lacks public restrooms). Anyway, she basically sobbed for fifteen minutes, because crepes and slurpies are not as good as ice cream. 

Next we had to walk home. These kids were tired. No nap today. Try walking through tourist Paris with three little children when you do not know the language well, they're tired, and they are not listening. Enough said. 

We finally arrived home. What a relief! I did some housework while they actually played pretty well together and then their parents returned home. Finished. 

But the story ends well. The kids went to bed and then I had a wonderful salad with the parents. We talked a lot and it was fun. I am very comfortable around them, which is so nice. We are all interested in learning each other's culture and language. 

To top it all off, I returned to my room and my bff Lauren started chatting via skype chat right away. Love her. Oh, but she was talking about getting some chocolate and I really want some and don't have any at the moment. I'm going to buy some chocolate tomorrow so I have a little stash. 

A tout a l'heure! Bisous!!!

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une autre mère said...

Oh, the joys of motherhood! You're just getting practice for your own someday. :)

Enjoy your yummy chocolate when you get it!